4th of July special 1 flat of organic berries for 22.00$

1 flat is 12 pints (equals 2 buckets of PYO)



open for PYO

call to order Flats







Poplarville is home to Blue Tara Organic Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm Located off Savannah Millard Road, in Mississippi. The Pick Your Own experience is like no other. Come on out make yourself at home.


Open Sun up to Sun Down 

Open 7 days of the week


The family of Blue Tara is looking forward to seeing all of you blueberry lovers that visit our farm each & every year .We kick off the u-pick season on June 1st at sunrise we offer the most delicious & freshest blueberries available. So get out your big hats, put on your sneakers, collect the kids than  pick up your mama, sister, & brother and head out for the most delicious and freshest organic blueberries in the south.

Blue Tara Organic PYO Blueberry Farm is a proud member of the Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association.








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